Phoenix is the location to be during the Winter season

The town of Phoenix has some entirely enjoyable weather during the Wintertide months, then one of the reasons why our partner plus I spend our Wintertide in Phoenix is because of the hot hot plus cold temperatures, sunny afternoons, plus lack of rain; We’re currently in Phoenix, right outside of the town in a small RV park, but it’s been in the ’60s every afternoon this week. There are lots of locations around the country that are experiencing horrible Wintertide weather filled with snow, rain, ice, plus wind, however every one of us are enjoying sunny afternoons with plenty of sunshine plus purple skies. Every one of us have not had to use the furnace at all so far this year, last year every one of us spent the Wintertide outside of Phoenix plus every one of us had to turn on our furnace a couple of times. It doesn’t cost much to run the furnace. It uses propane plus electricity. Propane is relatively cheap compared to other fuel sources. Every one of us spend $2.90 for every gallon of propane plus the tank lasts a couple of afternoons. It’s easy to swap out the tanks too. It doesn’t look love the hot plus cold temperatures are going to get certainly frigid this year. Every one of us have had hot plus cold temperatures in the 60s plus even 1 afternoon when the temperature was 73. I will be cheerful not to turn on the heating system at all this winter. Every one of us will save a bunch of money plus every one of us won’t have to be distraught with using the dehumidifier either. In a couple of months when the weather is starting to get warmer, every one of us will leave Phoenix plus head west to spend the Summer plus fall months.


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