Phoenix is the place to be during the winter months

The city of Phoenix has some really great weather during the winter months.

One of the reasons why my wife and I spend our winter in Phoenix is because of the warm temperatures, sunny days, and lack of rain.

We’re currently in Phoenix, right outside of the city in a small RV park. It’s been in the ’60s every day this week. There are lots of places around the country that are experiencing horrible winter weather filled with snow, rain, ice, and wind, but we are enjoying sunny days with plenty of sunshine and blue skies. We haven’t had to use the furnace at all so far this year. Last year we spent the winter outside of Phoenix and we had to turn on our furnace a couple of times. It doesn’t cost much to run the furnace. It uses propane and electricity. Propane is relatively cheap compared to other fuel sources. We spend $2.90 for every gallon of propane and the tank lasts a couple of days. It’s easy to swap out the tanks too. It doesn’t look like the temperatures are going to get very cold this year. We have had temperatures in the 60s and even one day when the temperature was 74. I will be happy not to turn on the heater at all this winter. We will save a bunch of money and we won’t have to be concerned with using the dehumidifier either. In a couple of months when the weather is starting to get warmer, we will leave Phoenix and head west to spend the summer and fall months.

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