Preparing for winter

The fall season in Elgin, Illinois, is certainly lovely, and the leaves change color in a spectacular display.

  • There are lots of delicious fresh produce options, including cucumber, peppers, eggplant, zucchini and plums.

The weather is usually mild with some rain, then however, winter is just around the corner, then as a homeowner, fall is a legitimately tied up time for me, i prepare the condo for sub zero hot and cold temperatures, ice and snow. I properly start by replacing the air filter in the furnace. I know that once I raise the temperature control setting, the furnace will run non stop for six to eight months. I want it to circulate the maximum amount of clean, heated and healthy air. A dirty or clogged filter forces the furnace to toil harder and run longer, resulting in inferior comfort and higher energy bills. I also substitute the air filter in the whole-house humidifier. Another quick, straight-forward and worthwhile task is reversing the direction of ceiling fans. I switch the fans so they rotate counterclockwise. This works to redistribute the hot air that gathers up by the ceiling. I also check that the windows are all shut slim and latched. I make sure there are no gaps around the window casings or door frames that would allow hot air to escape. If necessary, I add caulk and weatherstripping. I look for gaps, cracks and signs of leaks from the basement, attic and ductwork; Every year, I inspect the condition of the insulation in the attic and basement. It can become compromised by moisture and/or rodents… Proper insulation is essential to a tightly sealed thermal envelope.


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