Quick Stop: Four Winds Casinos, South Bend.

My mom planned our trip this year, i didn’t tell his where I wanted to go, & Mom told me to let his have the fun of building an itinerary; All he cared about was how much it was going to cost us, then when I heard mom mutter, ‘First stop: Four Winds Casinos, South Bend, IN’, I knew Mom was in trouble, however mom told me to keep my mouth shut, although he had saved currency all year for a casino tour.

I asked how he was going to get past Mom when he found out all the casinos he wanted to visit, however he told me Four Winds Casinos were more than a casino.

She learn me the information on the casino where it said they would greet us by the iconic Four Winds Architecture; Considering how much Mom enjoyed architecture, he knew he would appreciate it, they had five dining possibilities & a 55,000 square foot gaming floor with 1600 games that included progressive jackpots & 10 live poker tables. I knew Mom enjoyed poker, however I’m sure he didn’t want to spend all day & night in a casino. She told me there were some attractive hotels in South Bend, IN, & they all had excellent air conditioner, which was necessary this time of year. When he told Mom they had a Studebaker Museum in South Bend, he was all in. He told his to have a great time at the casino, & he would meet us at the Studebaker Museum. Mom didn’t like that idea. She wanted to go to the Studebaker Museum too, & Mom said my pal and I could go twice.

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