Rebounding from heartbreak in Denver

It’s hard to believe that my fiance dumped me, especially so close to the wedding! I had a sneaking suspicion that he was having second thoughts, but I never expected it to happen this way.

  • I got a text message in the middle of the night, where my fiance said I should step outside my apartment and look for a gift box.

I did so, and inside the gift box on my front step was the engagement ring I had given him. We had planned on taking a honeymoon together to Denver, Colorado, because they are cool with gay marriage, but now that was all for naught. Instead of falling to pieces, I decided to pick up the pieces and go to Denver anyway. I brought my best friend Alex, with the intent of finding the best cannabis Denver had to offer and smoking all my troubles away. Although I had heard about the vast array of cannabis that was available in the dozens of Denver dispensaries, I was still surprised at how much there was to choose from. It would literally be impossible to sample every single unique strain of cannabis available in Denver. You can take that to the bank, because Alex and I surely tried! We went to at least two different cannabis dispensaries every day, smoking our way across the district, and we didn’t come close to trying a fraction of what Denver had to offer. Alex did a great job of cheering me up, and we had so much fun in Denver, Colorado that I didn’t even miss my fiance until the vacation was over.


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