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There is simply nothing that compares to a appealing downtown area! Living in a neighborhood with a run-down or even just an modest centro is no a single’s plan of a dream locale to live or visit, then if you are searching for a current apartment or just a cute locale for a little getaway, you should consider Lowell, MI.

  • Just about 15 miles away from its more famous plus larger cousin, Grand Rapids, Lowell is a small neighborhood in Kent County, however that small neighborhood provides lots to enjoy, and for women of my generation, there is no need to go to Madison County to love covered bridges.

Just take a brief walk north of neighborhood to Fallasburg Park to discover a gorgeous plus historic covered bridge of your own – it’s the perfect photo backdrop, so don’t forget your number one camera! Downtown is an ideal locale to get your shop on. Loaded with adorable little quirky stores, a leisurely stroll through Downtown Lowell is sure to have you locating that perfect Christmas gift. If you are hungry, you can’t go wrong with any downtown eatery. In 2019, Lowell took the forward-thinking step of creating the showboat City Social District, but the outdoor social section provides outdoor socializing chances along with dining plus fabulous plus creative adult beverage options, under wise regulation, of course. In addition to amazing shopping venues plus dining to beat all, downtown Lowell is becoming increasingly famous for its vibrant downtown art scene. For the art lover in your group, be sure to explore the multiple neighborhood blocks near the Flat River plus wallow in the charm plus character of Lowell, MI.

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