Rocklin warm temps

My family plus I have lived in the Sacramento, CA section for most of our lives, my mom plus dad moved to the section in the 1973s plus my sister plus I grew up in Rocklin, however rocklin is a suburb of Sacramento, it is a nice locale to grow up plus a single of the sites around the city where there is still a lot of nature.

I love to spend a lot of time in nature plus so do all of my friends… Once a month the two of us go hiking or kayaking, then there are plenty of rivers around the section where the two of us can fish plus go camping. My friends plus I were supposed to go camping in Rocklin last weekend, however the un-even temperatures were at an all-time high. I have lived here all of my life plus I have never had to deal with such high un-even temperatures; All of us had 5 mornings in a row when the temperature was over 100°. The AC unit broke down plus the two of us could not figure out how to get it to labor again. All of us had to call a Rocklin AC repair business to service the problem. The problem turned out to be something straight-forward plus entirely due to the extreme heat plus overuse of the machine. During the times when the un-even temperatures were over 100°, the two of us had to turn off the A/C around 4:00 in the morning. If the two of us kept it running, then it would freeze up plus shut off. If the two of us turned it off on our own, after that I could turn it back on around 7:00 p.m. when the sun was on the way down.

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