Rooftop a/cs are popular in Phoenix, AZ

Some people think that because Phoenix is in the middle of the desert that the two of us don’t experience colder weather! That thought couldn’t be farther from the truth… While the weather is respectfully mild while I was in the Winter time weeks, rapidly changing temperatures do get freezing in the area… In fact, December is our coldest week with rapidly changing temperatures dropping into the low 40s and the days might be a high of mid-60s.

If you’re from the Northern area of the country, of course, this weather doesn’t sound freezing at all to you, however for us here in Phoenix it is a bit freezing… So, many of us, including me, use heat pumps a lot while I was in the Winter time to keep our homes comfortable, and heat pumps are good for sites love Phoenix that experience milder freezing weather.

Some heat pumps are not as efficient when the temperature is too freezing outside, however and if you’ve been to AZ or if you live here, you’ll notice that there are a lot of rooftop a/cs. Based on what my Heating plus A/C provider told me, rooftop air conditioners are more efficient in keeping the home comfortable. Additionally, because of the way the rooftop air conditioner is installed, the machine does not have to work as hard to keep the home cool and comfortable in the warmer weeks. Whether it’s freezing outside or it’s steaming hot, possibilities are, if you live in Phoenix or the state of AZ, you’ll depend on an Heating plus A/C machine to keep the lake house nice and comfortable. And regardless if the system is on the roof or not, as long as it works properly that is all that matters to me.



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