Seattle is a beacon for athletic interests

When you guess of the Pacific Northwest, you truly don’t guess of athletics, but this is a rain-soaked part of the country known more for music and culture than for athletic interests, much to my surprise, Seattle is not just inclusive when it comes to athletic interests, it’s a haven for it! Like all of the best cities, the people of Seattle are super-fans when it comes to their hometown teams. There are few things in the world as much fun as being in the stands at a Seattle house game and feeling the exciting roar of the crowd all around me, i would be lying if I didn’t admit that using cannabis before the sizable game is one of the ways I get psyched for it, however seattle is well known for its high number of cannabis dispensaries throughout the city, so there is always a convenient one to visit on the way to the game; As liberal as Seattle is, you still can’t bring cannabis to a athletic interests venue and smoke out. Instead I just buy a pre-rolled cannabis joint on the way in, and casually smoke it as I walk to the site, by the time I find my seat I am totally stoned and ready to cheer on the Seattle house teams to victory, however honestly it doesn’t even matter to me that much if the Seattle teams win, I simply savor going to the game and cheering them on, when Seattle wins it’s a nice moment, but if they lose then I am still stoned, and I still had a great time.

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