Shooting a feature film in Phily

When I first started acting, it was for the best possible reason – to meet girls, then this was back in school, so you can’t absolutely blame me! As things turned out, I was absolutely wonderful at acting, & abruptly became the star of the theater group, then by this point I had the acting bug, & started auditioning for local plays around town… One of my outdated coworkers, a director named Ben, recently recruited me to act in her first feature film… I am beyond excited, because for the next month I will be living in Philadelphia, PA while we shoot the film.

This is a low budget film, based on the tploy story of the first legal cannabis dispensary that opened in Philadelphia, & how it transformed a town.

The director Ben honestly rented a real cannabis dispensary for the shoot! During the day the arena is open for business, but at night the film crew takes it over, & makes it seem like it’s still in 1977’s Philadelphia. I enjoy dressing in the outdated 77s gear, & it’s absolutely cool working amidst so many forms of cannabis. These days cannabis is perfectly legal throughout the state, & Philadelphia is house to dozens of odd dispensaries. But back in the day weed was still illegal, & one enterprising Philadelphia supplier owner had to argument the system! Sounds like a wonderful story for a film, right? I’m psyched about the project, I’m stoked about the history behind it, but mostly I’m happy to be working in Philadelphia for the next few weeks.

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