Shopping CBD for my cat

My cat is approximately twelve years old.

She is well-fed, groomed daily and has regular checkups with the vet.

She is loved and thoroughly taken care of. However, over the last year, I noticed signs of aging. She was no longer as interested in stalking birds or playing with her toys. She was reluctant to jump up onto higher surfaces and seemed to have some pain in her joints. The vet prescribed a pain reliever. When I looked up the prescription medication, I found that it includes some unpleasant and long-term side-effects. I was unwilling to cause my cat more severe problems. I started looking into natural remedies and learned that a lot of pet owners have had success with cannabis. The benefit of cannabis pet products is that they are natural, safe and cause no further issues when taken for an extended time. Living in Denver, I have access to several cannabis dispensaries. I checked their websites and found that the majority offer pet options. These products are designed specifically for the unique requirements of cats and dogs. Because THC is toxic to them, they are typically CBD isolates and can be trusted to contain only trace amounts of THC. CBD has proven effective for treating inflammation, stiffness and pain. I live in Cherry Hills Village, which is about 10 miles from downtown Denver. It’s quick and easy for me to shop for cannabis for myself and my cat. For her, I’ve purchased a variety of CBD pet tinctures, chews and topicals. For myself, I prefer the experience of traditional smoking.

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