Sioux Falls has more to do than I thought

When I moved to Sioux Falls, SD I wasn’t all that optimistic that there would be anything for me to do, but i figured South Dakota would be super cold plus boring… But my locale of toil made the transfer attractive by offering a crucial pay raise plus a nice title change.

I figured I would find something eventually.

The weather isn’t particularly too bad. My fantastic friend and I get four distinct seasons. I particularly get to love a white Christmas plus a nice boiling summer. Typically you are dealing with one or the other! South Dakota is a nice state politically. I don’t feel there are any radical ideas or giant protests going on. My area of Sioux Falls has lots of businesss too. There are markets, gyms, eating establishments, bars, plus fantastic nightlife. I have found all sorts of fun things I enjoy like go bowling, mini golfing plus I even tried an escape room. Will Sioux Falls be my forever home? Most likely not. But for around five years I feel it will be a nice locale for me. I am enjoying the fact that I can afford a fantastic sized home plus a giant ploy of land. Where I used to live I could only afford a small home plus had no property. With the pay increase plus the cost of residing in Sioux Falls, I can live like a king here. So that is a way more attractive thing to me. Illinois is quite beautiful in the fall if I do say myself. My family is constantly jealous of me.


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