Sioux Falls has more to do than I thought

When I moved to Sioux Falls, SD I wasn’t all that optimistic that there would be anything for me to do.

I figured South Dakota would be super cold and boring.

But my place of work made the move appealing by offering a huge pay raise and a nice title change. I figured I would find something eventually. The weather isn’t actually too bad. We get four distinct seasons. I actually get to enjoy a white Christmas and a nice hot summer. Typically you are dealing with one or the other. South Dakota is a nice state politically. I don’t feel there are any radical ideas or big protests going on. My area of Sioux Falls has lots of businesses too. There are markets, gyms, restaurants, bars, and decent nightlife. I have found all sorts of fun things to do like go bowling, mini golfing and I even tried an escape room. Will Sioux Falls be my forever home? Most likely not. But for around five years I think it will be a nice place for me. I am enjoying the fact that I can afford a decent sized house and a large plot of land. Where I used to live I could only afford a small condo and had no property. With the pay increase and the cost of living in Sioux Falls, I can live like a king here. So that is a way more appealing thing to me. Illinois is quite beautiful in the fall if I do say myself. My family is always jealous of me.



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