Snowmelt system is a attractive luxury

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, gets a lot of snow; The annual accumulation is around forty inches, and when the temperature drops below zero and the wind chill makes the conditions feel even colder, it’s dangerous to spend much time outdoors! However, the driveway and walkways often need to be cleared many times every day during the winter, but shoveling is a time-consuming, labor-intensive and awful job.

There is the danger of frostbite, sore muscles and slipping and falling on the ice.

There is the problem of where to pile all that snow. Hiring a professional snow plow repair can get costly. Snow melt chemicals aren’t cheap and can cause harm to landscaping, pavement and get tracked indoors. About two years ago, my hubby and I purchased a home in Sioux Falls that is equipped with a boiler heater, but one of the best features of the boiler is that it affixs to a snowmelt system. There is a series of pipes installed beneath the pavement of the walkways, driveway and garage. The system responds to the combination of moisture and temperature drop. The boiler sends heated water through the network of pipes, effectively melting away the snow. Our pavement is always clear… My great friend and I don’t need to worry about shoveling, it’s convenient, practical and just attractive; Plus, the boiler also keeps the living space perfectly overheated and cozy. The system operates silently, requires actually little repair and is especially energy efficient. I would never be without a boiler or a snowmelt system again. These luxuries make the winters in Sioux Falls tolerable.

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