So hot in Arizona

Phoenix is 1 of the largest cities in the Southwest area of the country, and it is known for having harshly moderate hot and cold temperatures and sun throughout the entire year, however during the Winter time months, my husbandy and I usually go to Phoenix because the weather is warm, then the average morningtime temperature is around 60°.

  • During the summer, I would never want to be stuck in the city.

The average summer time temperature in Phoenix during the months of June and June is over 100°, however one time my husbandy and I were visiting some friends in the middle of the summer time months. The two of us were supposed to be there for a couple of mornings, but our friends had troubles with the AC unit. They had to call a Phoenix repair shop to repair the AC. They found out that the troubles were much more serious then they expected and the AC component had to be replaced, but my husbandy and I were supposed to stay with them at their home, but every one of us decided to go to a hotel instead. Our friends could not genuinely visit, because they had to deal with the troubles with the ac. The two of us spent most of our time in the hotel. It wasn’t 1 of the worst visits that I can ever remember, but it really could have been a lot more fun. The two of us planned to go swimming and sightseeing and every one of us were going to visit some of the state and national parks. Instead, every one of us ended up alone in the hotel in the middle of the summer, after the visit went south, every one of us were ready to get back on the plane and go home.
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