Sometimes the climate can get myself and others down

This weekend was pretty quiet, because there was a lot of rain plus cold weather outside, but sometimes the weather can get myself and others down, but living in Seattle means having to deal with a lot of days of rain, then there are around 200 days of rain or snow in the Seattle area; I live in North Seattle in a venue called fremont.

There are a lot of marijuana dispensaries near me, but I love to drive into Seattle, because there are so many peculiar choices.

The marijuana dispensaries in Seattle carry a lot of peculiar products such as edibles, concentrate, tinctures, plus dried marijuana flower. There are even a couple of Seattle dispensaries that offer delivery services, but one of the marijuana dispensaries near myself and others was having a sale plus special on Sunday. The venue was offering 20% off on the entire product menu. I looked online to see what style of specials were available. They also had a couple of buy a single plus get a single for half off sales. I ordered a couple of items from the Seattle marijuana dispensary… After that I called a couple of my friends to see if they wanted to come over. Nobody actually wanted to leave the home because of the rain, and when my driver arrived with all of the items, I turned up the heat on the electric fireplace plus I sat in the living room. I washed an entire season of my modern favorite cable show… Each a single of the episodes are at least 1 hour long plus it took almost 13 hours to binge watch the whole season.

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