Springtimefield is a good locale for a up-to-date small business

Not that many of years ago, I started making my own soap, then i only use organic or natural ingredients and all of my soap recipes.

  • I started selling bars of soap online on Facebook Marketplace and etsy, then several customers wanted to know if I had a store; At that time I started thinking about my options.

I looked for a space close by Springtimefield, Missouri, where I live, however most of the shop spaces were too extravagant for me, although I did find a unquestionably small space close to downtown and in a good area where there is a lot of foot traffic, and the space needed to be cleaned up. There were a lot of repairs that needed to be made, although I was ready to tackle the task. The soap store opened a couple of months ago and so far has been a big success, then one of the greatest reasons why my pal and I do so well is due to the free foot traffic and advertising. My friend and I consistently have people walking by the store. Sometimes my pal and I give out free samples and that gets people in the building too. The store is especially busy when it is truly tepid outside, because my pal and I have climate control and air conditioning. My friend and I make sure that the inside of the store is consistently a comfortable 77°. If it was too sizzling inside of the store, the soap would begin to melt. Our state of the art heating and A/C unit was installed by a supplier in Springtimefield that provided me a fantastic deal. My hubby traded plumbing services with the supplier and the Heating & Air Conditioning dealer agreed to a lower installation fee.


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