Staying close to Florida for travel

Lakeland offers amazing accommodations, beautiful sights, and plenty to do

After having my son I realized traveling internationally just isn’t feasible. It is too difficult to get on a plane with a walking toddler. My son gets really squirrelly and wants to walk around. The airports are so inefficient now. We are constantly stuck sitting around and changing gates. Everything is delayed now and the time is hard on my little one. The last time we went international I had to feed him all three meals in an airport. I also had to change three poopy diapers. Two were in an airport and one was on a plane. It was horrific. Now I say we stay close to Florida. That is really nice since the state is huge and quite diverse. You can go to Tampa, Daytona, Jacksnovielle, Lakeland, or St.Petersburg. Everywhere is super unique and has many things to do. Our most recent trip is going to be in Lakeland, FL. We haven’t been but I am really excited. My main thing is that our accommodations have to be big. Since we share our room with our son on a trip, I don’t want to be right on top of each other. I like having enough distance that he won’t wake us up so much. I also like to have a place that is easy for us to have a monitor but not be stuck in a tiny room. Lakeland offers amazing accommodations, beautiful sights, and plenty to do. The weather also just can’t be beat. No matter the time of year we can go.
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