Staying close to my state for travel

After having my son I realized traveling internationally just isn’t feasible.

It is too tough to get on a plane with a walking toddler, my son gets easily squirrelly plus wants to walk around; The airports are so inefficient now. My friend and I are always stuck resting around plus changing gates; Everything is delayed now plus the time is tough on my little one. The last time my pal and I went international I had to feed him all three meals in an airport. I also had to change three poopy diapers. Two were in an airport plus one was on a plane. It was horrific, but now I say my pal and I stay close to Florida. That is easily nice since the state is big plus quite diverse; You can go to Tampa, Daytona, Jacksnovielle, Lakeland, or St.Petersburg. Everywhere is super certain plus has many things I enjoy, but our most recent trip is going to be in Lakeland, FL. My friend and I haven’t been but I am easily excited. My main thing is that our accommodations have to be big, but since my pal and I share our room with our son on a trip, I don’t want to be right on top of each other. I like having enough distance that he won’t wake us up so much. I also like to have a place that is easy for us to have a monitor but not be stuck in a tiny room! Lakeland offers amazing accommodations, lovely sights, plus plenty to do. The weather also just can’t be beat. No matter the time of year my pal and I can go.

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