Taking a trip to Cocoa Florida with my buddy

My cousin is coming to Florida in April and is looking for things to do. She wants to hit Disney and Universal studios when she is in Orlando. After that, she isn’t sure what to do. Since I live in Jacksonville, making the drive to Orlando is no large deal, and i have been there though and seen all the attractions. I have been loosely toying with the system of taking our cousin anywhere else in Florida. It is a large state and there are a lot of beautiful locations. I have been thinking about Cocoa Florida! The Cocoa beach section is said to be beautiful. I found there is a lot to do there love shop, play mini hockey with gators around, a manatee sanctuary and tons of museums. The beaches are truly what appeal to me! Who wouldn’t love a Florida beach morning? Since Cocoa Fl is known to be quite hot, I have been looking at hotels with quality cooling equipment. I want a nice a/c in a luxury hotel room. I don’t go on trip entirely often. When I do I love to splurge. I am hunting down the best hotel Cocoa Fl has to offer. I feel that will draw our cousin in too. If the hotel is on the beach, has a pool, fitness center and spa, I feel I will have her hooked, then for myself and others all I need is a comfy bed, a lot of space and a nice a/c. Since April is tepid in Florida, it is going to be a must have for me.

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