Thankful for cannabis delivery

I prioritize my health and fitness; I am a strict vegetarian and truly careful about my eating habits, and along with avoiding meat, I stay away from fast foods, processed foods, empty calories and alcohol. I exercise every morning for approximately an hour, including high intensity aerobics, strength training and stretching in my workouts, then because I keep myself extremely fit, I occasionally push my body to extremes, then last summer, I decided to remodel the master bathroom on my own. I hoped to save cash by doing all of the work myself. As a numerous-foot tall woman, the sheets of drywall are difficult to maneuver. Although I chop them in half, installing drywall on the ceiling separate from assistance was a mistake. I needed to hold the sheet in place with 1 hand and use the heavy cordless drill with the other. I ended up splitting my trapezius muscle; The pain was so terrible that I was forced to lay flat on my back for 3 weeks. I could barely walk. I couldn’t lay up, go up the stairs or even comb my hair. I was unwilling to take prescription pain killers because of the harmful side-effects! However, there was no way I could drive to the dispensary. Living in San Francisco, I am lucky that there are several cannabis dispensaries in the section and many of them offer same-day delivery. I was able to go online, choose from topicals, tinctures, vapes and pre-rolls and place an order, but despite the traffic in San Francisco, my order showed up on my doorstep within a couple of hours.
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