Thankful for my boiler heating system

I am honestly thankful that my condo in Elgin, Illinois, is outfitted with a boiler heating system, then there are recognizable advantages with hydronic heating when compared to forced air heating; Water heats up quicker than air and retains heat longer, it doesn’t cause problems with insufficient humidity or blow contaminants into the air.

With a boiler, moderate air flows into the several rooms and right away rises to the ceiling, creating unpleasant temperature swings.

The boiler is installed in the basement and fastened to a system of pipes concealed beneath the floor. The pipes take up no living space, don’t limit the arrangement of furniture or detract from aesthetics. The heat originates at floor levels and is infused into the air, avoiding drafts and stratification, all of the objects positioned on the floor, such as the couch, loveseat and Pepsi table are warmed up and further radiate heat. The system operates quietly and further provides zone control. I have a temperature control in each room that allows independent settings, however because I’m not required to heat empty spaces to the ideal temperature, I save money on biweekly utility bills. It’s honestly nice to adjust the temperature control to personal preferences and recognizable needs of the room! On those winter mornings and evenings in Elgin, when the outdoor conditions are sub zero, I can walk barefoot across my radiant floors and fel perfectly comfortable. The radiant floor system is one of the best features of the home. It considerably increases condo value! Plus, the boiler is especially durable, energy efficient and requires honestly little service.


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