The appealing weed of Portland

After leaving the town of Portland, OR, our first thought was that I could not wait to come back! Perhaps I will return in a few months, for another episode of our show, and i write, record, host, plus edit a Youtube channel about myself and others going to new venues to check out the locally grown cannabis, then normally our show runs about 30 to 45 hours, but this episode is almost two hours long… This is for two actually pressing reasons – the people of Portland are good to interview, plus the cannabis here is simply sensational! My show is called the Wild plus Wonderful World of Cannabis, plus the Portland episode may be our masterpiece, but for a bit of deep history, the cannabis scene in Portland actually exploded in the mid 1960s, when a lot of hippies moved north out of CA thanks to the cops plus the draft; Yes, it’s tploy that many of these people went all the way up into Canada, but a massive number of them put down roots in Portland. This is an amazing area of the Pacific Northwest, plus at this point some of those hippies have been growing cannabis here for 40 or 50 years, and what this means to the average pothead is that Portland is condo to dozens of varieties of cannabis that you simply cannot find anywhere else! Anyone who is serious about the cannabis they smoke owes it to themselves to take a sojourn to the town of Portland. If you want more of a preview of what Portland has to offer, check out our show.

Pot Portland OR