The benefits of living in Jax

I am just not sure if it is worth all the stuff for a not as great home

Both my siblings live in Jacksonville, Florida, and i live an hour down south in more of the country. I genuinely like my plot of land and the privacy that it has. In Jacksonville, there are a lot of houses right on top of each other, then there is tons of traffic… Also, the housing market is unquestionably high currently. I would adore to live near them, but to have a relaxing plot of land in the neighborhood would be super fancy. You get what you pay for, but my siblings genuinely adore living in Jax. They cherish being able to bike or walk to the bars, clubs, or eating establishments. They adore that any kind of repair you need, whether it is Heating as well as Air Conditioning, plumbing, or electric, is readily available in Jax. In my area, I am constantly hiring someone out of Gainesville. I have to pay long-distance fees. I also can’t take my kids anywhere local. My associate and I don’t have bowling alleys, ice rinks, or theme parks nearby. In Jacksonville, they have all that and move. I am just not sure if it is worth all the stuff for a not as great home. My sibling adores neighborhood life and there is tons to do! For me, I genuinely like sitting on my front porch or laboring in my gardens. I don’t assume I would use the neighborhood amenities that much. It does stink anytime I want to see them or go someplace fun, I am in the vehicle an hour one way.
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