The best thing about Denver is the food

One of the best things about Denver is the food.

There is a cultural diversity in Denver that is second to none in the mid west area. Denver has lots of different foods and many different festivals to celebrate them. I like to go to Denver on the weekends so I can explore the marketplace. The marketplace has lots of different vendors. My mom came to visit me in Denver a few weeks ago and we smoked marijuana before we went to the marketplace. I was high and definitely had the munchies. My mom had the munchies too and we ended up eating a lot of food the day that we smoked marijuana. By the time we were done for the day, my stomach was upset and I was ready to retire. I spent a lot of time taking my mom to lots of different places in Denver while she was here. The weather was absolutely beautiful that week and it was only 65° most of the time. We went to the capital so she could take a picture and then we went to a couple of attractions in downtown Denver that I knew my mom would enjoy. At the end of the week, I knew that my mom was ready to go back home. I know she misses me and hates only seeing me once a year, but the hustle and bustle is still vibrant to me. I like being in the city, where the nightlife is long and the bars stay open until late. I would get bored quickly if I moved back home to the country.


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