The bridge was quite a hike from a single side to the other

Last time our friends plus I were in San francisco, a single of the guys got the crazy system to walk across the bridge.

I did not think it was going to be a problem.

I have biked across the bridge lots of times. My friend did not think I would be able to walk the whole way plus then back. I bet him 20 bucks plus all of us drove to the bridge plus parked in the lot, then jack suggested all of us smoke a marijuana joint that all of us got from a San Francisco dispensary. The San Francisco marijuana dispensary was selling 1 gram infused pre-rolls for only 15 bucks. It was a single of the best deals on marijuana in San Francisco that I have seen in a long time. The two of us smoked an entire infused joint before all of us started our walk. The two of us were only a few meters into the walk when I started to guess ill. I did not guess why I wasn’t feeling well, although I almost felt prefer I was dehydrated. I was dripping with sweat plus our heart was racing. I felt weird inside of our body. I asked Jack what kind of joint all of us smoked from the San Francisco marijuana dispensary. That’s when Jack informed myself and others that the marijuana pre-roll was dipped with live resin sauce plus all of us smoked the whole thing. I was completely baked plus suddenly felt totally tired. I barely finished the walk to the other side of the bridge plus then I told Jack that I was going to take a cab back to the parking lot. I never paid him the $20 that I bet him. I think he planned the whole thing plus knew exactly what type of joint he was getting when he walked into the store.

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