The cannabis industry in Denver

I used to love watching the Travel Channel when I was a kid.

  • Another show I loved watching was National Geographic, which at the time was on PBS although today they have their own channel, too.

These programs inspired me to go out and travel the world, and document my experiences. Since I have a smartphone I have the means to record all my exploits, and provide a running commentary for the amazing places I visit. One thing I didn’t like about those old shows is how they didn’t speak to the younger generation. My travel show focuses on the unique kinds of cannabis native to different areas. My latest series of episodes were centered on Denver, Colorado, a city some people call the Cannabis Capital of the United States. This is because Denver led the way for cannabis legalization, and made other places realize how beneficial cannabis was to the community. You can get an insider’s view of the cannabis industry in Denver by signing up for a dispensary tour. There are actually several of these weed-based tours in Denver, because the tourism industry here is huge. People fly into Denver, Colorado from all around the world to experience the amazing cannabis, the same way people fly to Vegas to experience legal gambling. Even though Denver is very cannabis-friendly, that does not mean you can spark up in public areas. Buying and carrying cannabis is totally legal in Denver, but if you light up a joint in the park, or on the street, you will get a ticket and a fine.

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