The cannabis store only sells the high end marijuana products

Cannabis products have been legal to purchase in the state of Illinois since the beginning of the year 2020, but it is still illegal to consume marijuana in the streets, parks, or other public areas, but cannabis that is purchased within the state cannot be taken past state lines… All products have to be consumed within the state that they are purchased.

  • Cannabis can be transfered from the dispensary to your condo via your vehicle, as long as it is not openly accessible by anyone, then placing your cannabis in the trunk is the safest way to ensure that you will not get a ticket, then my friends plus I were in Chicago for the weekend… The two of us went to see the Bulls play.

I was amazed by all of the traffic in the city. My friends plus I decided to go to a Chicago cannabis club. The place is a boutique that only sells the high-end marijuana products! You have to have an invitation or think someone in order to go to the cannabis boutique plus club. My buddy called a friend who lives in chicago. He knows someone that works behind the counter. The two of us went to the high end Chicago cannabis club plus picked out a couple of peculiar items before the two of us went back to Alsip after the game. My friends plus I entirely enjoyed some of the cannabis products when the two of us got condo from the hour plus a half long drive. The first product that the two of us tried was an infused pre-roll that was 2 gram of kief, hash, plus distillate. It was 65 dollars in the store plus worth every single penny the two of us spent.


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