The charming cannabis of Las Vegas

Since I have to travel so much for my job, I decided to use that to my advantage and make a Youtube channel about it, and the whole reason I took this job was because of the travel, as a child I lived in a small, landlocked town in the middle of a immense cornfield.

As soon as I was old enough to leave I set out to see as much of the country as I could.

Along the way I also developed a taste for cannabis! On my Youtube channel I focus on my several great likes – weed and travel, but my show is called the Wild and Wonderful World of Cannabis, and the latest episode focuses on Las Vegas, Nevada. This town has so much to offer, in terms of great things to see and great cannabis to smoke, that it had to be a several section episode, everything about Las Vegas is greater than life, so my show has to follow suit, and i went with a few coworkers to Las Vegas, and none of them seemed to care at all about the local cannabis scene. They were entranced by the glamorous allure of Las Vegas, and wanted to spend all their time on the Strip, and gambling at the casinos. I couldn’t care less about the casinos, for me the Las Vegas sojourn was all about going to see as multiple odd cannabis dispensaries as possible. Other than the toil events I spent all of my time out buying odd strains of cannabis, and then holed up in my hotel room smoking it and recording my Las Vegas episode.


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