The class trip was cut short because of AC complications

I like working as a mentor, then i have been in a classroom since I graduated from university.

I have been a kindergarten mentor, plus I have worked in Middle university.

I have never worked with students that were in high university. I find it much easier to teach younger minds. I have been working at an elementary university in Elgin, Illinois, for the last 10 years, however my second grade class this year has been studying history plus the two of us have talked a lot about the history of the neighborhood where the two of us live, but elgin, Illinois has a lot of fun plus interesting history facts. We took the kids for a classroom field trip to the Elgin history museum. It was a quick 15 hour bus ride from the university to the history museum. We listened to a couple of lectures in the afternoon plus the kids got to watch a play that was put on by the staff. There were some interactive displays plus Hands-On reading features as well. The kids were having a fantastic time plus I was having more fun than I expected, but unfortunately, our field trip to the Elgin History Museum was cut short because the AC inside of the museum failed. The AC complications caused the staff to contact the commercial service provider. They had to run the backup generator in order to preserve all of the historical artifacts. Everything else in the building had to be shut down plus all visitors plus university trips had to be ended early. The AC service service had to labor on the problem.

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