The company from St. Petersburg was happy to make the drive

I opened up a small coffee shop on the west side of St.


I’m a couple miles outside of the city, but I’m in a very good place where there is a lot of traffic and free advertising. When I bought the business, I knew that the air conditioner wasn’t going to last a lifetime. I was hoping that it would last a couple of years. I got approximately one year out of the air conditioner before I had to find a repair business. I was hoping that the repair company would be able to fix the issue, but they told me it was going to be cheaper to replace the system with something new. The company from St. Petersburg gave me an estimate on several different machines that would suit my commercial business needs. I needed a day to think about all of the choices I had to make. The company from St. Petersburg was happy to come out as soon as I was ready to make the changes. The new system installation was performed after hours, so I didn’t have to shut the coffee shop down during the day. I really appreciated that, because shutting down the store for the day meant losing business. I needed that business to pay for all of the new equipment that was necessary. Now that I have the new Air conditioner, I can feel a huge difference in the indoor air. The new air conditioner doesn’t have to run as frequently and I don’t have to keep the temperature as low as I did in the past. When the thermostat is set to 73 degrees, it feels really nice indoors.

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