The current diner could have been nicer, cleaner, & cooler

My best neighbor works at a law firm as a paralegal, and she was laboring on Monday when there was a meeting between a brand current supplier owner & the lawyer, however the owner of the supplier & diner gave to deliver out free tickets to anyone in the office for the grand opening celebration that night.

My best neighbor called me when she got the tickets & she asked me if I wanted to go to the show, but i was glad that my neighbor called to ask me to go to the Jacksonville diner.

She picked me up that afternoon around 6:30. The grand opening was already starting & my associate and I had reservations for 7:15. My pal and I drove all the way to Jacksonville & traffic was still pretty heavy even that late at night, however when my associate and I reached the part where the diner was situated, my associate and I realized that they were offering valet service. My best neighbor had the valet park the car & the two of us felt like my associate and I were royalty. The current diner had a lot of lights outside. It looks like the opening of a club. The lighting made me happy for the grand opening, but unfortunately, the current diner could have been cleaner, nicer, & truly cooler. The bathrooms were dated & old & not unquestionably clean, alos, it didn’t feel like the a/c was running at all. It’s important to have a fine a/c when you have a supplier & diner. I cannot imagine this supplier will last long if they do not figure out a way to service all of the problems.

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