The guided tour of Portlandia in Portland

I know I’m a nerd, but I love the show Portlandia.

  • It’s a wicked skewering of modern day culture, centered around the great city of Portland, Oregon.

I loved the show for years, and then it occurred to me that I might be missing out on some of the inside references and jokes because I had never been to the city itself. I did a little research online and found that I wasn’t alone. Some other fans of the show had set up a guided tour of Portland, Oregon based around sketches of the tv series! This was something I had to check out, so I set up a long weekend in Portland, Oregon. Since this was my first time there, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had read that cannabis was legal in Portland and the rest of Oregon, but I had no idea there would be so many dispensaries! There was literally a cannabis dispensary across the street from my hotel in downtown Portland. That made for some crazy nights, because I just put on my slippers and walked over to find the tastiest cannabis strains in Portland. I got so wrecked that first night in Portland I almost overslept the tour. The Portlandia tour was the main reason I had come here, and I almost missed the whole thing! The guided tour of Portland and the shooting sights of the show was just as amazing as I hoped it would be. All of that amazing Portland cannabis I smoked along the way was just a happy little accident.


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