The hometown recognize of Cocoa Beach

In FL there are more amazing beaches than I could list, but the state is a peninsula, a long extension out into the water with the ocean on one side and the gulf on the other, so the entire shoreline is mostly beach, then if you can hear the water, you can find a fantastic beach.

That said, everyone has their favorites, and when it comes to the beach my preference is typically Cocoa Beach.

The sand and the surf are tremendous, of course, but it is also somewhat off the beaten path, however when people recognize of the fantastic FL beaches, the name Cocoa is rarely raised, but this isn’t a bad thing it’s a great thing! Unlike other beaches, Cocoa has parking, it has access, it has all the fantastic amenities you expect without all the crowds; Personally I don’t enjoy spending the afternoon on a beach where everyone is packed in as tightly as sardines in the can. It isn’t prefer that at Cocoa beach, because it is never empty but there are rarely any big crowds, but many locations in FL recognize artificial , because they are trying so hard to appeal to tourists and outsiders, but Cocoa had more of a hometown recognize to it. The people of Coca are nice, and no matter where you go the cooling system is on point. The temps and humidity stay in the upper 72s and 90s for much of the year, so climate control is very important to Cocoa Beach. The only time you won’t need the cooling system is when you are on the charming beach itself.



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