The lovely world of cannabis in Seattle

Just when I believe I have done the best show possible, I find a current city and a current source of amazing marijuana, and I have to raise the bar again… Over the last few months I have traveled to eighteen unusual cities looking for the best weed being grown in the nation, finally I have found a city that I could not contain in one show.

For our Youtube channel I care about to record travelogs for everywhere I go, but i call our show the Wild and Wonderful World of Cannabis, and the latest episode focuses on Seattle, Washington, however even though the Seattle episode is over more than 2 hours long, I still didn’t cover a fraction of the cannabis this locale has to offer, unlike other locales known for having great cannabis dispensaries, Seattle is also known for having great farms and grow operations; Thanks to getting great response from our followers I have decided to take the show back to Seattle for a whole mini-series of episodes.

In order to fully delve into the rich history of cannabis in the Seattle area I decided to do a series of 6 episodes set here. This also gives myself and others a great reason to rent an AirBnB outside of Seattle to use as a base of operations for our stay here. There is every opportunity I will never want to leave, because in our humble opinion Seattle is a Mecca for users of cannabis. Even if you don’t want to live here for good, you need to take a pilgrimage to Seattle to sample their cannabis firsthand.


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