The majesty of nature in Seattle

There are few things in life more wonderful than the majesty of nature.

  • I was a city-dweller during my young days, and it was only as I approached retirement age that I realized I needed to move far away from other people and enjoy the grand solitude of Mother Nature.

Within reason, of course! I don’t mean actual solitude, because I don’t know how to hunt or grow my own food, nor can I make my own clothes. I found a happy medium by living on the outskirts of Seattle, Washington, where I have one foot in the city and one foot in the forest. Out here I own several acres of property, which gives me a kind of freedom I could never have living in the city of Seattle. Like all big cities, Seattle is extremely crowded, and I need room to breathe! However because I live so close to Seattle I can still avail myself all the resources it has to offer. I buy all my cannabis products from one particular dispensary in the suburbs of Seattle. I wish they would start a delivery service, but they tell me that Seattle still considers cannabis delivery a crime. It’s not a big deal, because I would go to Seattle once or twice a week anyway for a nice meal or to see a show. The music scene in Seattle is almost as amazing as their cannabis. This is the perfect place for me to live, because as much fun as I have in Seattle, I still don’t want to live there.
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