The neighbor's pet would not stop barking all night

I’m honestly starting to dislike my neighbor and that’s something that I dislike to say particularly often, the neighbor does not treat his pet particularly well and that drives me crazy.

  • The guy does not know it is a massive deal to leave his pet home alone when he goes to labor at the marijuana dispensary in Denver, and unfortunately, the Denver marijuana dispensary is at least an hour away, but my neighbor works an 8-hour shift.

He leaves early in the morning and does not get home until late at night and I have to listen to the pet bark and wine all night long; I tried to say something to the manager of the loft building, although she said that the guy has paid for the right to do whatever he wants with his pet, and she does not seem to care at all about the fact that that pet is bothering me all day and all night. The manager of the loft building in Denver offered to move me to a weird building if the noise made me agitated. I thought that the manager was just being rude until I found out that she had every intention of giving me an loft that was on the other side of the property. I would honestly like for the guy that works at the marijuana dispensary to find somewhere else for his pet during the day. It’s not tolerable that I have to listen to the terrible critter and it’s not tolerable that the critter has to rest there alone and tied up all day long either.
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