The Philadelphia dispensary is close to the interstate

One of the best locations in Philadelphia to buy marijuana is a dispensary that is situated right off the interstate; The dispensary is not far at all from one of my preferred cheesesteak locations either! When my partner and I go for marijuana, my friend and I usually stop at the diner and pick up a couple of subs to take back home, but i like the fact that the Philadelphia dispensary is close to the interstate, because I don’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic.

The traffic can be a nightmare, especially on that side of the city. The marijuana dispensary is close to the bridges. If I have to get off the interstate and drive more than a block, it’s going to mean an hour detour. The Philadelphia dispensary recently put up a brand new billboard and I was entirely surprised to see that. The billboard flaunted a first-time patient special of 30% off. I didn’t need to worry about the first time patient special, because I had been to that location in the past. I did see another part of the advertisement that caught my eye, but my preferred friend was now offering marijuana vape cartridges. The flower Company never provided vape cartridges in the past, however the billboard was advertising their new products. The next time I went to the Philadelphia dispensary, I made sure to ask for one of the vape cartridges. I chose an indica strain called Grand Daddy purp with 96% total cannabinoids and 2% CBN. It makes me feel lightheaded and dizzy with just one puff.