The Phoenix Heating and Air Conditioning shop was blissful to help us

My husband and I came lake house from seeing friends and the moment we walked into the modern home we knew that something was wrong! It was undoubtedly hot in the modern home and we left the modern home with the cooling system running… My husband checked the thermostat in the hallway to see if everything was okay.

The cooling system was on, however it was 5° warmer than it should have been inside of the house.

I tried a couple of problemshooting tips that I found on my phone and nothing helped the problem. There was no cold air blowing out of the ductwork. My husband requested that we call a local Heating and Air Conditioning shop in Phoenix. I didn’t want to spend multiple hours trying to figure out what was wrong with the cooling system, so I thought calling a Phoenix Heating and Air Conditioning store was a good idea, but we called the business that usually handles all of our Heating and Cooling needs. It was a Friday, however there were plenty of specialists available. The business sent someone to us about an hour later. The young man checked all of our cooling system components, ductwork, and the outside compressor. The problem turned out to be low refrigerant in the AC unit! After the refrigerant levels were checked and adjusted, we started feeling cold air coming out of the ductwork again. In less than 2 hours, the Heating and Air Conditioning repair professional had our cooling system fixed and the modern home was starting to get cold again. We were barely inconvenienced at all by the lack of AC.

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