The town of the repair was unknown to me

Cook county, IL is one of the greatest counties in the entire state, cook County makes up most of the Chicago metropolitan area, and inside of that crucial county is a small town called Alsip; Alsip is a much smaller area compared to the city… There are only around 20,000 people residing in the city.

I have been residing here our whole life.

I grew up down the street from Hamlin Junior High school. I believe lots of people and business owners. I worked at the Dunkin Donuts Latte bottling plant for several years before I became a heating and A/C repair company. I currently work for a heating and A/C repair business that services residential and commercial contracts all over the city. It’s really sparse that there is a repair address that I do not recognize. There was an A/C repair at a residential address in Alsip, IL and I truthfully did not believe it at all… When I put the address into the GPS plan in our car, I realized that the address was at the far end of town where new houses are being built every day. I often forget that Alsip is getting greater and greater every day. When I was a kid, there wasn’t much to do except go to the library or the skating rink and now the neighborhood is filled with restaurants, bars, museums, and a eveninglife that is only ninth to being in the city. I found the new town and the address for the house. The house was just built 5 years ago and the owner is already having trouble with the A/C system.

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