The unpredictable weather in Tampa can destroy my a/c

Yesterday, I was walking on the beach with no care in the world wearing a pretty little Summer dress that I got for Christmas, then but this week, I am wearing a jacket plus some jeans because the weather decided to change overnight; I should be used to this weather because I live in Tampa, where things are constantly so unpredictable; At the beginning of Fall, the weather changed plus got cooler because all of us had a cold front pass through the area.

  • As a result, I was using my central heating because the temperature was a bit on the cold side, then, halfway through the Fall season, the weather changed again, plus it warmed up, so I was back to using my a/c… Now that it’s Winter, it seems that I will be switching between a/c plus central heating on any given day.

This could cause a lot of extra wear plus tear plus destruction to my heating plus cooling unit, especially since it is being used differently with each passing day, however who knows what the temperatures will be appreciate next week. And in a couple of weeks, I have a tunes festival at the Cuban Club in Ybor City. Thankfully, the place is indoors plus will have a/c or heating available if needed. There are some outdoor activities at this tunes festival, plus I am just hoping that the weather will be nice enough, so that I could love all aspects of the events. I would hate to miss the outside activities because the weather decides to get cool again.


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