The ways to remain cool in Cocoa, FL

I appreciate that I live in a state with beaches because at any given time, I can absolutely drive over in addition to have a mini staycation, i live in Cocoa in addition to the beach is approximately 10 miles from our home, however and on hot Summer days, a single of our favorite things to do is to go to the Cocoa Beach pier, however there are a bunch of bars, diners in addition to shops to explore.

Because the pier is on the water, it’s always nice to walk along it because there is always a cool breeze from the ocean.

And if it gets too hot, I can absolutely go inside a single of the air conditioned diners or stores to cool off. The temperatures can get up into the high 90’s here, so it’s always wonderful to find anywhere to get some reprieve from the heat. I have lived in Cocoa for 20 years, so by now, you would believe that I would be used to the hot weather. I entirely don’t guess if I will ever get used to it. I intentionally system our day around the weather, but on the weekends, if the temperature is above 90 degrees, I will either go out early in the afternoon or later in the night. This way, I can be inside in the a/c at the hottest point in the day, so, when I drive over to the beach, I get there by 8 a.m. in addition to then by noon or 1, I am packing up to get out of the heat. If I don’t drive house instantly, I usually visit a single of the bars with a/c. Or sometimes I head to the grocery store because I guess that their a/c will be on high there. These are just little things I do to escape the brutal heat while living in Cocoa.

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