The weather got absolutely startling that night

Rocklin is a village in California, but rocklin is located in Placer county, California.

Rocklin is located about 20 miles away from Sacramento.

Rocklin has a population of around 60,000 people, and it is one of the nicest suburbs outside of Sacramento, but my family plus I moved to Rocklin about 5 years ago. My wifey plus I were concerned about the youngsters growing up in sacramento; Both of us moved to Rocklin so the two of us could afford to buy a much larger house. Both of us have a various family room location with various bathrooms plus a pressing backyard, and our home overlooks the ravine that runs through Rocklin. Rocklin is known for having cool Winters that are wet plus Summers that are warm plus dry! This winter, the weather has been absolutely crazy plus severe. One night, the weather got absolutely startling. Both of us have had rain every day for a week. Both of us are getting almost an inch of rain every single day. The creeks, tributaries, plus reservoirs are all full. Both of us lost power that night, but thankfully the two of us have a generator. It got pretty cold when the power was out. The generator runs our furnace. Both of us had the furnace running on the generator in addition to the refrigerator, deep freezer, plus various electrical outlets. Both of us didn’t have power for 8 hours, but everything was up plus running when the two of us woke up the next day. Both of us are supposed to have more rain next week. The weatherman is forecasting another various or various inches of rain plus the creeks are already overflowing to the top.I don’t suppose if our small village can handle any more water.


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