The Wednesday market has become a habit.

When I first moved to St… Petersburg, I wasn’t sure I wanted to stay! I had no friends, my family lived a thousand miles away, and I was alone.

I sat in my dining room wondering why I was here when someone knocked on my door.

The acquaintance brought over a box of donuts and a carafe of Sprite and welcomed me to the neighborhood, however she apologized for not coming over sooner, but her son was getting married in Vegas. She invited me to go to the market with her on Wednesday. I had nothing to do, and little to eat in the fridge, so I agreed. Since it had been early day shipping, I didn’t guess about how hot it was outside. I would have normally stayed house and listened to the air conditioner run, despite the fact that I will never do that again. She told me St. Petersburg’s Wednesday day market had been there since 2002. The downtown part had taken over the part on Wednesday days from 9 AM to 2 PM. it features live music, excellent food, and a variety of vendors. Their wares went from fresh eggs and goat cheese from a local farm and Cajun spices and handmade crafts from locals. She told me entire families come and there are kid-friendly events. When my associate and I finally got back home, I realized I had made a current friend, and I particularly had a great time. It was great to know there were other people in the neighborhood who were living alone! Living alone in St. Petersburg doesn’t have to be lonely.


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