The Wonderful weed of Muskegon, Michigan

I had no plan that Michigan was such a warm spot for amazing lake apartment grown marijuana; Believe me, I learn all the blogs, plus watch all the rival shows on Youtube to see the sites other people are reviewing.

Being a traveling weed connoisseur is a dream come tplot for me, but even though my Youtube channel doesn’t get a lot of views yet, I believe that 1 day the Wild plus Wonderful World of Cannabis will be a huge hit.

I was here in Michigan for another town, however since I heard so many enjoyable things about Muskegon I decided to check it out while I was in the area; On my first night here, I was glad to be able to catch my number one sport, because the Muskegon Lumberjacks hockey team were playing a lake apartment game! My hotel was just a few short blocks from the hockey stadium, which offered me a chance to roam through the incredible Muskegon downtown area, but this is not a huge city, only about 40 thoUnited Statesnd residents, however Muskegon has a attractive downtown area that rivals any major city. Even better, the legal cannabis dispensaries found in Muskegon are top of the line, with wonderful products plus friendly budtenders, it was a little cold, thanks to the icy winds coming from Lake Muskegon, so I wasn’t able to record any segments of my Youtube show outside. I loved the city of Muskegon, plus I was undoubtedly impressed with their locally sourced cannabis strains, even though I have to admit the weather was a little chilly for my tastes.


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