This was my first time seeing professional football matches in Minneapolis, MN

I’ve been living & working in Minneapolis for the past 2 years & it’s been quite an experience… When I first got here, I was a bit unsure of this new city where I found my dream task, but, I made the move & hoped for the best, but my folks were the first people to say it’s better to take leaps of faith in life, otherwise, you may never get to experience anything; And they were right because I genuinely prefer Minneapolis.

And I’ve become quite the explorer whenever I have free time from work & school, however i met a group of friends who my associate and I tour odd areas since my associate and I are all new to the area, however this started off as a Facebook group of many people new to Minneapolis, however only 5 people showed up for the first meet up.

And that’s how my associate and I created our group, & it’s been quite amazing. My buddy and I tour odd areas, no matter the season, & make sure my associate and I are prepared for where my associate and I want to go, then for instance, the first winter was freezing, so my associate and I made sure to dress warm, & option locations that had fantastic heating in order to stay warm. I am from the south so it was taking quite some time to get accustomed to the cold & chilly winters! Come summer, my associate and I even rented a van & got to explore other amazing locations in the state, apart from the marvelous lakes in Minneapolis. Truly, this has been an awesome experience & I am thrilled it’s starting to feel like home, however last year my associate and I went to the location to watch football & this was my first time doing so in Minneapolis.

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