This was my first time watching professional football matches in Minneapolis, MN

I’ve been living and working in Minneapolis for the past 2 years and it’s been quite an experience.

When I first got here, I was a bit unsure of this new city where I found my dream job.

But, I made the move and hoped for the best. My folks were the first people to say it’s better to take leaps of faith in life, otherwise, you may never get to experience anything. And they were right because I truly love Minneapolis. And I’ve become quite the explorer whenever I have free time from work and school. I met a group of friends who we tour different areas since we are all new to the area. This started off as a Facebook group of many people new to Minneapolis, but only 5 people showed up for the first meet up. And that’s how we created our group, and it’s been quite amazing. We tour different areas, no matter the season, and make sure we are prepared for where we want to go. For instance, the first winter was freezing, so we made sure to dress warm, and pick places that had good heating in order to stay warm. I am from the south so it was taking quite some time to get accustomed to the cold and frigid winters. Come summer, we even rented a van and got to explore other amazing places in the state, apart from the marvelous lakes in Minneapolis. Truly, this has been an awesome experience and I am happy it’s starting to feel like home. Last week we went to the stadium to watch football and this was my first time doing so in Minneapolis.

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