Traveling closeby with a baby

Since having a baby my fiance and I are limited in where my wonderful friend and I can go! Our son doesn’t travel well, but my associate and I took him to Aruba when he was a year outdated and that was a eveningmare, then he hated being in the airport and on a plane… So my wonderful friend and I stick to vehicle rides… If he is in the vehicle too long, he gets actually fussy.

So it is only by vehicle and not too far.

Thankfully my wonderful friend and I live in FL and it is such a giant state. There are plenty of locations to explore and hang out at. My associate and I have seen Jacksonville, St… Novemberine, Ponte Vedra, and Daytona. My associate and I recently headed towards Tampa and St. Petersburg. I actually liked St. Petersburg. I constantly Springtime for a actually wonderful hotel room. I like that when you go to St. Pete’s you can get a location right on the beach. I booked a suite that had us all in the same room with simple water access. The suite was classy, large, and clean. My associate and I then were walking distance to the beach, shopping, and restaurants, but anything my wonderful friend and I needed was right there. The three of us stayed a week and it was more than worth it. Since my wonderful friend and I stay quite local, the costs are low. All my wonderful friend and I have to do is buy a swanky room and a few meals out. Other than that my wonderful friend and I get a wonderful trip for around half the cost of what they usually were. I know I will be back to St. Petersburg again for a trip. Hopefully someday my wonderful friend and I can transport out of the state for trips, but for right now it is good.

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