Treating leg cramps with full spectrum CBD topicals

Cannabis-infused topicals have made such a difference for me

I am conscientious about my health plus physical fitness, i am a vegetarian plus careful about what I eat, avoiding fast foods, processed foods plus saturated fats… Other than the occasional glass of wine or bottle of beer, I avoid alcohol plus I don’t smoke. I am dedicated to my biweekly workouts. I officially exercise first thing in the afternoon for about an hour, my workouts are intense, with the majority of the exercises centered around high intensity aerobics. I might jump rope for forty-five minutes or go for a ten-mile run. I periodically cycle, choosing a path with lots of hills. I might go through many series of lunge jumps, burpees plus jumping packs. I push myself to build strength plus stamina, burn calories plus work my lungs plus heart. My workouts put a lot of stress on my legs, especially my calf muscles… About six months ago, I began having troubles with leg cramps. I tried over-the-counter pain relievers plus needed to sleep with heating pads wrapped around my legs, and while I needed something stronger, I was not willing to take the risks associated with prescription medication. I try to avoid everything other than natural remedies. As I was researching odd options, I came across CBD, then cBD is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant that has proven to alleviate pain plus inflammation. It causes no psychoactive effects plus no long-term side-effects. I am able to shop at the dispensary in Muskegon for a variety of full spectrum CBD products. Cannabis-infused topicals have made such a difference for me. With no dosing restrictions, I can apply an ointment to my legs many times per day. I combine them with a cannabis tincture to also treat the inflammation from the inside.
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