Treating painful legs

I have been suffering pain in my calves for over a year, and it started as just a mild ache that I was able to treat with over-the-counter pain relieving ointment, the pain gradually worsened until it was keeping me awake at evening.

I tried to rest my legs, however it’s just about impossible.

I am an active person. I love to ride my bicycle, play tennis, jog and hike. I often jump rope to keep fit. I frequently take on cabin improvement projects and yard work, but all of these things strain the muscles in my calves and aggravate the discomfort. It got to the point where I needed to wrap my legs in heating pads at evening. It was inconvenient and sleep was just about impossible. After awful every cabin remedy separate from much success, I paid a visit to the cannabis dispensary. I am lucky to live in CA, where recreational marijuana is legal. I am also lucky to reside in close proximity to Beverly Hills. I have access to an especially modern and well-stocked weed dispensary, however with valid government-issued identification, I’m able to shop for remedies to ease the pain and inflammation. I consulted with one of the budtenders, explained my issues and took his recommendations, but he suggested that I look for CBD-dominant products with lower levels of THC, but by combining cannabis-infused topicals with other consumption methods, I am able to treat my symptoms locally and systemically. I chose tinctures and an ointment for simple application and discretion. The tinctures supply fast-acting effects while the ointment works through receptors in the skin. The combination has proven to relieve the pain.

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